Hog Hopping

          Hog Hopping is a small stream large trout tactic that I have employed as a youngster.  This tactic enables the angler to target large trout that I have located. This is not for the average angler.  If your goal is to catch a large wild brown trout on a fly rod this is your summertime shot at it.  This is not always a jump out of the car and fish next to the road proposition.  We may walk a mile one way to that exact spot only to have the targeted trout spook on the approach.  This is a challenging day physically and if you think you are up to the challenge and want to see a unique approach to fishing that demands the best you can give, then this is for you.  

        This challenging form of fishing will push the limits of your capabilities with a fly rod and your perseverance as an individual, ultimately crafting a better fly fisherman.

       If you have always felt that you don't need a guide before: you do here.  I do all the leg work to locate the fish and formulate a plan for its capture.  We will target many large trout throughout the day.  Spot and stalk strategies are employed adding to the breath taking intensity that this form of fishing brings.  

        The best things in life are not easy.  Of all things certain, I can ensure you that every angler will leave with valuable learning experiences and memories not to be forgotten.