About Eric Richard and Coveted Waters


      Born and raised on a farm in Perry County Pennsylvania in 1967, Eric tied his first fly and began his journey as a fly fisherman at the young age of 13. Passionately fueled by the inspirational writings of Ray Bergman in his classic novel, "Trout"; Eric set out on his bike to find such a fish to fulfill the spectacular visions instilled in him by his readings. Little did he realize that same summer on a quiet afternoon he was about to fulfill those dreams. In an undisturbed and lonely stream, Eric found two large trout which would lead to a lifetime of excitement, exploration, and discovery.


     Though these trout held a place of pride in his heart, Eric soon learned that not all good things come without a cost. But what would the cost be? Eric entered one of his trout into a big fish contest held by the local newspaper. He was ignorant to the damage sharing the location of his catch would bring. A once untouched population of trout was overwhelmed by stock fish, curtesy to his revelation of knowledge. He witnessed firsthand the adverse, crippling effects this interference had on his beloved trout. As a result of his lessons, Eric has fished in silence. He has fished in silence over the course of thirty plus years where his experiences have molded him into not only the fisherman, but also the conservationist he is today.


To Eric's dismay, the age of technology has lifted the veil once concealing the streams he considers his home. Due to the internet, cell phones, and callous disregard for most things in nature, word has begun to spread faster than can be covered. How long before these sanctuaries will be made stock streams too? Eyes see, ears listen, and the threat of upsetting the natural population established over the decades grows near.


     However, with a new age upon us, Eric takes a different perspective on the threat at hand. Rather than continuing with the age of silence, he decided it was time for an era of change, an era of indoctrination of knowledge. It is time to teach RESPECT, APPRECIATION, and KNOWLEDGE about the hidden sanctuaries within Perry County. Not only to craft skilled and valuable members within the fisherman community but to help PROTECT THE TROUT which began the journey of fly fishing for Eric and countless others throughout the centuries.


     Eric has a 100% success rate in instilling fishermen with the respect the trout deserve and a perfect success rate with satisfaction. This is therefore an invitation and privilege extended to passionate and willing minds. Come and experience the best kept secrets of Pennsylvania and become part of the effort which brings recognition to the conservation efforts needed in these fine waters.


     Hidden among the shadows of the legendary Cumberland Valley Limestone Trout Streams, beneath the omnipotence of the Appalachian Mountains thrives a natural, untampered population of supremely adapted Brown Trout which has been left hidden for decades. Eric was the first to unlock their secrets and create an algorithm leading to repeatable success of their capture. A standard trophy trout measures at 20 inches. For those wishing to meet and surpass this mark, Eric and Coveted Waters is the best place to put your trust because as you place your trust in us, we place our trust in you.