Trout Trips

        While willing to guide most any trout stream in Pennsylvania, our primary focuses are the streams of Perry and Juniata Counties. Eric, being a lifetime resident of Perry County, has built relationships which give Coveted Waters private access to many otherwise exclusive locations.


        From native brook trout in the mountain trout streams to wild brown trout and great hatches we feel that Coveted Waters offers  a unique experience which delivers some of the best trout fishing there is in the state of Pennsylvania. Part of what makes an experience with Coveted Waters unique is the trueness of nature one encounters. From the sights and sounds of the wild to the absence of trails and crowds, one will develop a relationship to what we and hopefully you will feel is very special.


         Due to many of these waters being undesignated as trout streams, with the knowledge of their presence comes the RESPONSBILITY of their protection. They are an example of what should be, could be and once was.

Coveted Waters wishes to add you to the network of friends and protectors.